What can we do for you?

By serving in the leadership of the International Gas Union (IGU) we hope to advance the Vision of IGU by raising the IGU Voice, increasing its Visibility, and providing even greater Value to the IGU membership. Our goal is to further IGU’s vision to become the most influential and effective global national gas industry association, representing the entire gas value chain from upstream to downstream.

We are very passionate about the role that natural gas can play in the future global energy mix, and we are deeply committed to championing the cause of gas around the world by focusing on three core principles:

  • Raising the IGU VOICE
    Our team has a wealth of experience listening to the feedback of the gas industry throughout North America, translating that information into action, and speaking out on behalf of our industry. We will not only continue that tradition but will take it to the next level, so that the gas industry can be heard and respected around the world

  • Increasing the VISIBILITY of IGU
    We will draw upon the long advocacy experience of the United States gas industry to continue IGU’s activities promoting natural gas globally as the fuel of not just today, but tomorrow as well. We will work tirelessly to ensure that the energy industry, the general public and policy makers around the world are fully aware of the compelling facts that make natural gas the most viable fuel of the future, especially as we move toward a low-carbon economy

  • Providing VALUE to IGU members
    By focusing on the IGU Vision, and raising the Voice and Visibility of the organization, we believe that we can bring even greater Value to the IGU membership. Providing a return on your investment in IGU will be a critical goal of the U.S. team 


The activities of the leadership of IGU, in particular the leadership of the Malaysian Triennium, have provided natural gas the opportunity to achieve its most prominent position ever. With the release of the IEA report in June of this year, and other recent global events, it is clear that 2011 will be seen as a transformational year for the natural gas industry. Resource estimates around the world are at an all-time high and there is potential demand growth in all sectors. That is why we believe that natural gas is not just a bridge fuel to our energy future, but a global foundation fuel that can help power economic growth, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance energy security around the world. Because of these developments, the IGU has never had a better opportunity to lead the global gas industry, while at the same time serving its members.

Energy is the lifeblood of the world economy. As economies around the world recover from the global recession and begin to grow, they will require more energy. Combine the global abundance of natural gas with the reality of an increasingly carbon-constrained world, and natural gas becomes the fuel of choice in homes and businesses, for transportation purposes, and for electric power generation. And as we begin to develop new technologies to take further advantage of our abundant supply and the inherent efficiencies of natural gas, our growth opportunities are virtually unlimited. The key is to effectively advocate the many advantages of our clean-burning, abundant fuel.